New Beginnings

I will be the first to admit that I have been trying to get my boyfriend Andy into running since the day we started dating. I’m not exactly proud of it, but I just wanted a running buddy soo badly that my pleads for him to join me on my training runs tended to just sort of spill out of my mouth..


Prior to two weeks ago, Andy had never taken me up on the offer. Until he weighed himself on Thanksgiving (something I would NEVER do) and decided that it was time for him to start working out again. Andy was on the football team in college, and since his football days have ended, he hasn’t been too eager to start working out again. Whenever I asked him why not, he’d get all:


So when he came to me and asked me if he could start exercising with me.. I reacted as follows.



I spent the next couple of hours writing out a training plan for us, by combining the internet famous Couch to 5K plan with Hal Higdon’s Novice Half-Marathon Training Plan (the plan I followed before completing my first half marathon.

We are on the third day of our second week today, which calls for the “Week 2 Workout” from the Couch to 5K plan. We ran outside with Lily yesterday, and I practically froze to death, so do I want to do that again today? Uhhhhh no.


We will be doing this one on the treadmill folks. For those of you who are curious, the week 2 Couch to 5K workout “goes a little somethin’ like this”:


This plan has me logging waaaay fewer miles than I am used to, but I’m just excited to have somebody running along with me. Besides, I could use a little break from marathon training anyways.


Mhmmmm girl. Let’s just say I’m enjoying this change.

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