Christmas PJs

“It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeeaarrr..”

Oh Christmastime.. the time of year when it’s slightly more acceptable for crazy dog owners to dress their dogs up in ridiculous outfits and use Christmas as the excuse.

So when I saw these reindeer pajamas at our local Petco, I obviously had to do what Andy refers to as “pulling the trigger” and bought them.


I mean, duh. Can you really blame me?

Lily wasn’t the biggest fan and only let this little dress-up charade go on for about five minutes before throwing a total hissy fit and trying to remove them herself.

But really, how adorable is she?

ImageThe vain little dog even looked in the mirror for a while before ultimately deciding that she was far too upscale for pajamas with merry little reindeer adorning them.


She proceeded to stare at me before I ultimately gave in and took the pajamas off.


You win, Lil.. for now. See ya Christmas Eve, reindeer pajamas.. 🙂

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