I didn’t get a chance to post about Lily’s first run in her “big girl harness” yesterday due to a last minute dinner party at my dad’s house about 30 minutes away. I’ll be posting about the dinner party later, but I first wanted to update all of you about Lily’s first 5-miler!

Before I get started, a little background info.. Lily is a Vizsla, which, for those of you who haven’t heard of Vizslas, is a highly energetic dog, who is traditionally bred as a hunting dog, but is also the ideal running companion.


When we first took Lily to the vet, the vet asked us if we were planning on training Lily as a gun dog (which Andy is, next hunting season), and I told him that we were, but I also had my eyes set on Vizslas because I was looking for a good running buddy.


I knew we’d be the perfect pair when the vet laughed and told me, “Oh, she will make a WONDERFUL running partner! I think you’ll find that the only problem is that you’ll take her on a five mile run, and after you’re done, she’ll want to run seven more!” And boy, was he right!

From the first walk we took Lily on, she has been so overly excited just to be moving. She pulled so hard on her little leash, that when my cousin (and best friend) Lauren babysat her, she had to carry her for most of their walk because she was scared that Lily was going to choke herself to death! I knew she’d be fine, but shortly after that, Andy and I did a little research to find a dog park to take Lily too, since the vet recommended that we shouldn’t run her on a leash until she was 4 months old, and Lily was a little monster without enough daily exercise. Fortunately, we found a large, fenced in dog park, that was only about a ten minute drive from our apartment.


As soon as we entered the dog park, Lily was immediately covered in dogs. Yes, she’s the little one, cowering near the ground. Fortunately, she got over it in about twenty seconds and was running with the big boys in no time!


Now that Lily’s old enough (she is 20 weeks as of yesterday), I finally bought her a harness so I could run with her and be able to have more control over her overly excited, squirmy little body. And yes, I did buy her a pink harness to match her pink leash.. Andy was thrilled. Lily, on the other hand, was not, but once she realized that putting on the harness meant she got to go on a run, she quickly got over it and learned to love the thing. We set out for our first 5-miler yesterday afternoon, in the brisk 30 degree temps, and loved every minute!


The harness worked like magic. Of course, she’s still my wild little nutcase, but at least I have control now! We completed five miles, slightly slower than I would have on my own, but with a little work I’m sure we’ll be speedy in no time!


I successfully wore her out, for about an hour before she was back at it at least ;). She took after her mommy and dug into a big meal as soon as we got home.


I saved myself for a big feast at my dad’s that night.. recipes to come!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Harnessed

  1. and hte funny part is as she gets used to the runs, she will get fitter and it will take more to wear her out. ever think of getting a scooter so you can run her for a while without having to run yourself? lol. she is cute by the way.

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