Our Saturday 5-miler turned into a rather outdoorsy adventure yesterday! Around noon, Andy, Lily and I set out with plans to try out a new trail that runs right by our apartment complex. We usually run on the paved connection to this trail, but thought we’d explore the wooded paths yesterday, since it wasn’t too cold and we new a BIG snow storm was coming today.

Prior to leaving, we whipped up a couple of protein smoothies for lunch, and headed out!


 I put it on our island to show you my new strangely-blooming flower.. how weird does that thing look? Hopefully it turns out a little more spring-y, so I have something to remind me of warmer days when I’m trekking through the snow this week.

About 2.5 miles into our run, we found a slightly less traveled path, and we decided to explore it for a while. The path took us out into the middle of nowhere, and Lily loved being able to roam without having to worry about “scary” bigger dogs coming our way on the path.. she is such a little baby!


 It is impossible to get this dog to sit still for long enough to get a long blurry picture when we’re outside! Geesh.


When we got home, we had covered just over 5.25 miles, and were ready for some christmas cookies! We made these mint chocolate chip cookies, and they were a big hit! Recipe to come 🙂


Now I’m sitting on the Lovesac, anxiously awaiting the Packer vs Lions game, and Lily is stalking our cheese plate.


We’re pretty much snowed in for the day, and we’ve enjoyed watching Lily’s reaction to the first real snow of the season..


She’s been avoiding spending more than two seconds standing in the snow, so we’re hoping that changes so we can enjoy some winter runs soon!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and GO PACK GO!

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