Do You Dippy?

This morning started off the right way, with a trip to the grocery store to buy breakfast ingredients!

I went to make breakfast this morning and noticed that our fridge was literally empty. No eggs, no milk.. Was I willing to settle for old, sugar-y cereal without milk this morning?


Mmmm, no.

We picked up all of the supplies for our favorite Dippy Egg Sandwiches, including whole wheat English muffins (I love the whole wheat 100-calorie Thomas brand), eggs, cheese, and jelly. I make our eggs especially dippy! Does anybody else call runny-yolked eggs “dippy eggs”? I have been for as long as I can remember! Dippy eggs win.

When we got to the jelly aisle, and said something that made me question our compatibility. When I went to pick up the raspberry preserves, his face got all squinty and he said, “Raspberry? I’m really more of a strawberry jam kinda guy..” Excuuuuse me?


Strawberry has nothing on raspberry, as far as I’m concerned. I let him buy his own, but what a weirdo.. 😉 What kind of jam/jelly do you guys prefer? Am I the only one who thinks this?

When we got home I whipped us up a couple of sandwiches.. YUM!


I finished off my breakfast with a juicy, delicious clementine on the side 🙂


Now it’s off to my last bio lab of the semester, thank goooodness. If I loved anything as much as my professor loves talking about biomolecular organelles and fish species, my blog would be really overwhelming. Wish me luck!


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