The Final 3

Do any of you watch The Voice?
I have been a huge fan of the show since the very first season and introduced Andy to it this season, and I am so glad I did! Andy and I are so inspired by the amount of talented vocalists this season and we’re curious about your opinions!

Last night marked the Final 4 vocalists, and we voted right after the show. The results will be revealed in tonight’s episode, where one singer will be voted off, leading to next weeks Final 3 episode.

Viewers got the chance to cast their votes for Trevin Hunt, Cassidy Pope, Terry McDermott, or Nicholas David after last nights show.

I have LOVED Trevin and Cassidy ever since the auditions, so I am thrilled that they have made it this far!

All of the performances were perfect last night, and I was torn but ended up voting for Trevin. Andy voted for Trevin and Cassidy. I’ve always voted for just one person, to make sure not to take away any votes from my favorite singer, but online you are allowed to vote up to 10 times per singer, so all of my votes went to Trevin, while 5 of Andy’s votes went to both Trevin and Cassidy.

We are both completely blown away by the talent, and honestly think tonight’s elimination go to any of the four vocalists. We’re curious to see what you guys think!

Who do you think will be eliminated from The Voice tonight? Who is your favorite contestant?


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