The Help & a PB Cup Smoothie

I had a little help in the kitchen this morning.. wanted or unwanted, Lily was all about the smoothie makin’ this morning.

I woke up and headed out to the kitchen because I woke up feelin’ a PB+banana smoothie for breakfast, and naturally, Lily followed close behind.


Anyone who has ever had a Vizsla knows you can’t do anything without them right there with you. Even though this might sound annoying, I am probably just portraying it wrong, because it’s actually a very lovable trait. Vizslas love unconditionally. 

Vizslas are often referred to as “velcro dogs”, because they will often do just that; velcro themselves to your body. describes this as:

“This breed is often described as the “Velcro Vizsla.” Most dogs are affectionate, but this medium-size hunting dog is especially attached to his people. His Velcro nature has to do with his past: the Vizsla was developed in Hungary to be both a pointer and retriever who would work close to the hunter, never ranging too far away. That trait is still seen in today’s Vizsla, who prefers to be leaning against your leg or serving as a footwarmer. If having a dog shadow you all day would annoy you, choose a different breed.”

This morning proved to be no different..


 This morning’s smoothie consisted of:

-Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

-1 1/2 frozen bananas (we always keep a bag in the freezer so we don’t have to add ice to our smoothies)

-1 scoop chocolate protein powder

-1 TBS original PB2


 Fortunately I had “the help” to put it all in the Magic Bullet and blend it for me 😉

ImageUnfortunately, she didn’t realize that this breakfast was not for her.


Was I about to give this up?


 Chocolate is bad for dogs. 🙂


Tough luck, girlfrann.

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