The Graduate

Guess who graduated from college this weekend?!


This special kid! My boyfriend, Andy.

After 5.5 years of college, Andy finally did it 🙂


Doesn’t he look like the professional, college-grad type? 😉

The graduation ceremony began at 9 in the morning, so we had to be out the door pretty early on Saturday morning. And we all know how I feel about being up early for anything other than running or someone bringing me breakfast in bed or something..


Not a fan.

Naturally, I managed to find the time to snap a few quick pictures of Andy (which quickly turned into being pictures of Andy AND Lily) before we headed out (oops, forgot the shoes!)


Which turned out adorable, after the first couple of tries..


I’m telling you, you can’t accomplish anything without this little spaz getting herself involved in it.

I’m not complaining.

The graduation ceremony was just over three hours long.. but worth every painfully boring minute because I got to take a picture of this afterwards:


And then I got to go to Andy’s parents house and eat all of their delicious food. I’d consider that a win.

Congrats Andy!! So proud of you 🙂

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