Raspberry Acai Avocado Salad & a cookie exchange

Lunch today consisted of my favorite go-to salad, my Raspberry Acai Avocado Salad.


Raspberry Acai Avocado Salad

Organic Girl Super Greens Salad Mix

Simply Dressed & Light Raspberry Acai Dressing

10 raspberries (sliced in halves)

1/4 of an avocado (cubed)

-Mix all ingredients together and enjoy!!

But seriously, this dressing is SO good.


I highly recommend it. The combination of the dressing and the raspberries is to die for.

Once I finished my salad, I got all of the ingredients out to start baking cookies for this weekends cookie exchange at my cousin Lauren’s house!


This Saturday, Lauren’s mom (my aunt Leslie) will be hosting our second annual cookie exchange! Last year we went to another woman’s house in their neighborhood, and my roommates were thrilled when I came home with dozens of delicious Christmas cookies!

This year, I’ll be making three recipes from one of my favorite food blogs, Six Sisters Stuff.

I chose their Mint Cracker Cookies, Rolo Cookies, and Andes Mint Cookies. I have made variations of the Andes cookies and Rolo cookies before, but I’m looking forward to trying the Mint Cracker cookies!!

cookies 140526450844330998_E0HFvuHg_c IMG_1441

All of them are looking so delicious! I can’t wait!!

1.) Do you have any favorite cookie recipes?!

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