A Big Bucks Win!

Our trip to Milwaukee couldn’t have gone any better.. the Bucks beat the Heat! I didn’t know that was even possible. But it was. And I’m happy.

We opted to stay overnight after the game in Chicago, and booked a hotel a few days ago. We landed on the Aloft Milwaukee, because Andy did some searchin’ and found out that it was a dog-friendly hotel, and dogs stay FREE. That pretty much settled it for us.


We recently bought a dog seat hammock for the back seat of the Jeep, in hopes that it would get rid of Lily’s “way too big to be a lap dog” problem, while also keeping her safe and comfortable in the back seat.

She had other plans.


That went well.


The hotel was really nice, and so modern! I felt like I was staying in Ikea for the night. Loved it.


Our view was pretty nice! And the best part was that we were literally right around the corner from the Bradley Center. Which was a big win for me, because I’m a big whimp when it comes to walking in the cold. 😉


We looked around for delivery places for dinner forever, but apparently everyone else in the downtown Milwaukee area did as well, because we either were told that there was a long wait, or the phones were busy.

We ended up settling on a regular favorite for subs, Erberts and Gerberts, and I got the boney billy.. like always. I’m really original like that.

We also had a little tailgate party, with a few of my favorite red wines, and Lily was less than impressed.


It’s like it’s supposed to be all about her or something 😉


It was so great to have a fun, relaxing few hours with my two favorite kiddos!

Before I knew it, it was time to head over to the Bradley Center for the big game, and I was SO excited! I’ve started to watch the Bucks a lot more with encouragement/begging from Andy lately, and I’ve always been a HUGE Lebron fan, so this game was right up my alley.


I managed to sneak a few pictures of Lebron too 😉


At half time, they honored survivors of the massacre at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, which was really great to see. Police officer Brian Murphy, who was shot 15 times and was first to arrive at the scene was honored, and it was amazing to see such a hero receive that kind of recognition.


During the half time celebrations, I also got a t-shirt that Andy caught and gave to me.. WIN!


I’ll take it 🙂

The Bucks ended up winning pretty handily, 104-85! Domination! We were a couple of happy kids (unlike the lady behind us, who has never been more disgusted by anything.. ever).


Now it’s off to watch the final quarter of the Packer game.. GO PACK GO!!

Tell me: Are you a basketball fan?

4 thoughts on “A Big Bucks Win!

  1. huge, huge, huge, HUGE NBA fan here! I’ve been a lakers fan since I was 9!
    So jealous you got to see the game! I’m not a fan of lebron or miami at all, but woulda loved to see them live!

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