New Years Eve In, and We’re Getting Old

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Years Eve!

New Years Eve was a little bit calmer than usual in our household this year. We decided that with our trip to Mexico being just four days away, and with all of the traveling we’ve been doing lately, a night in for New Years sounded just right.

Shortly after we moved into our apartment, we got a gift certificate in the mail for a local restaurant that we had been contstantly forgetting about trying! Last night seemed like the perfect night to give it a go!

Andy and I headed out for Mikey’s Restaurant and Pub, and as soon as I saw the menu, I knew I was sold. Any menu with steamed mussels as an appetizer has my heart. Andy hadn’t even glanced at his menu before I practically shouted, “CAN WE GET THE MUSSELS?!” And it was not a bad decision on my part.



My hot date approved too.


For our main courses, I stuck with the seafood theme and went with the broiled walleye, and Andy chose the “Louisiane”, which was a jumbalaya-type pasta dish. Both were absolutely delicious!


I especially loved the gigantic tree of broccoli! I was shocked at the size when it first came out, but it had a little bit of asiago cheese sprinkled on top which set it over the edge. So good.


Andy’s meal came with a side of clam chowder, which he admittedly swallowed whole.


It was hard to make that boy sit still for long enough for me to snap a picture before he dug in!

For my side, I chose a salad with a house balsamic vinaigrette, which was also amazing. I wanted to take that dressing home!


Afterwards, we were far too full to tackle the dessert menu, so we headed home to watch the ball drop on the east coast and were in bed by 11:00.

Man, we are getting old!

Tell me: What did you do for your New Years Eve?

10 thoughts on “New Years Eve In, and We’re Getting Old

  1. Your dinner looks great! My new years eve used to consist of lots of champagne, fancy shoes and late, late nights. Last night I was in Uggs, one glass of champagne and in bed 10 min after the ball dropped haha

  2. YUM!! Happy New Year! ps I feel way old now, especially when I hear 90’s music. And then I am reminded by everyone around me that I’m really not that old. (but I swear I have Old Woman Back Syndrome)

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