Bitter Wisconsinite

Well, it’s over, and I miss it already.


Traveling made me extra bitter today after a Packer loss last night and realizing that I was about to head out of the O’Hare airport into the freezing cold temperatures.. Mexico spoiled me.

Our trip was absolutely wonderful!! Recaps are to come once I’m home and bundled up and relaxing.. ahh, can’t wait!! It’s been a long two days of travel and a little down time is just what I need.

If there was one good thing about today, it was that I got to see this little goober again.


I can’t believe how much I truly missed her. Prior to our trip, I hadn’t gone more than a day without seeing Lily, and I didn’t realize how hard it would be to go 8 days without her! I missed that little nutcase like crazy. Once we get home, we are cuddling the night away. It’s been decided.

Hope you all had a wonderful week!! I’m excited to have the blogging aspect of being in the U.S. back 🙂


7 thoughts on “Bitter Wisconsinite

  1. Glad you had such a fabulous & fun time in Mexico!! I can only imagine how happy seeing Lily must’ve been for you. She is such an adorable little puppy ❤

  2. Can’t wait to hear about the trip and glad you had fun. Yes–it is cold here. I was out in MKE at the boy’s house over the weekend and I left my window cracked. Dreading to see how cold it is going to be in there tonight when I get home.

    Last week sucked, the weekend was FANTASTIC & I’m just going to pretend that all 3 of my NFL teams (pack, seahawks & texans) didn’t lose!

    • I agree, this place is way too cold!!!

      I’m glad you had a fun weekend!! I couldn’t agree more about the nfl this weekend.. nothing went the way I wanted it to! Except for the ravens winning, I’m a sucker for Ray Lewis and a good underdog story 🙂

      Hope it warms up down there for you!

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