Well, it’s finally here! It’s the first day of Fitmixer Boot Camp and it couldn’t have come at a better time!


After 8 wonderful days of indulgence in Mexico, I’m more than ready to get back to a active and healthy lifestyle, and this new fitness/meal plan is just what I need to get me back into the swing of things!

I’m looking forward to a change from my usual running based workouts, and hoping that incorporating more strength training into my fitness schedule will help me to tone up and feel great! Can’t wait!

I enjoyed a fitmixer approved breakfast, followed by a fitmixer approved snack before lunch today.


Strawberries with a couple small spoonfuls of fat free cool whip mixed in.. delish!

I can already tell that the meal plan will have me eating meals and snacks way more often than I’m used to, but will definitely be helping to keep my meals clean and healthy, and I love the structure of the meal plan so far!!

Lunch consisted of a ham sandwich, and lots of veggies! YUM!


Things have been moving non-stop around here ever since we got home late last night.

Lily can’t even sit still long enough to take a non-blurry picture..


I guess nothing changed while we were in Mexico 😉


Now I’m off to complete my first Fitmixer workout.. wish me luck!!

Tell Me: Are any of you doing the Fitmixer Bootcamp with me?! Do you like it as much as I do so far?? 🙂

12 thoughts on “FITMIXER BOOT CAMP!

    • 3 meals and 3 snacks (one snack in between each meal and one after dinner)! they also provide you with aminos (a supplement drink mix) to drink before, during or after workouts, and two different proteins (one for breakfast and one as a snack). I am loving the program so far! You should check it out!

  1. Your dog is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. What breed? Love the blog! I’m a fellow fittie and health food enthusiast over at

  2. I just found your blog and I am losing my mind over Lily! She is adorable! I have a Vizsla who is almost 3 and they are the absolute best dogs.

    8 days in Mexico sounds amazing! That is a bucket list for me – I’ve never been.

    • Thank you!! I just took a look at your blog and we are definitely a lot alike!! Puppies and all 🙂 haha

      And it was a bucket list for me too, I’d never been but Andy had been there 3-4 times and I was more than willing to check that one off!

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