The Bachelor Episode 2 Recap – My Sean Obsession and The Crazies Start To Emerge

Any fellow Bachelor/Bachelorette fanatics out there?

I am semi-proud to say that the Bachelor/Bachelor has been a guilty pleasure of mine ever since I can remember. What can I say? I guess I’m just a sucker for a good love story mixed with a bunch of bat-shit crazy females living in the same house at the same time. Too good.

So when I found out that Sean Lowe was going to be the Bachelor this season, I was thrilled. 


Sean was one of my favorites on Emily’s season, because… well I think the reason goes without saying.



Aside from his insanely perfect, blonde haired blue eyed, manly look, he is also a true gentleman. 

I know that sounds ridiculous when you’re talking about somebody on a reality TV show, but watching the show, you can really tell that Sean is a different breed from the typical bachelors of previous seasons. Am I right or am I right?

Watching the show last night, I was excited to see that I was quickly forming some favorite bachelorettes, but I was even more excited to see that the usual three or four crazies were starting to crawl out of whatever hairspray ridden cave they came from and letting the psychotic episodes flow.

The jealous girls emerged especially early this year. I mean come on ladies, you’ve known him for all of three seconds. Let’s take a breath before we start the melodramatic meltdowns when you see him talking to another girl. I’m talking to you, Tierra. 


 Seriously, calm down. The eye-darts you were throwing at Kacie B. when she accepted the rose had you looking all kinds of cray cray. Just cool it for a sec.

Next, WTF is up with Amanda? That girl is something evil.


She is too weird. I have to admit that I kind of wanted her to stay on, so I could get a little more insight into her moody, unresponsive, personality. This one should be interesting.

These girls are my top 5 so far, so we’ll wait to see which of them go all clingy-ex-girlfriend and get cut from my list next week ;).











Tell Me: Do you watch the Bachelor? Do you have any favorites so far?

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