Favorite “Pinterest-found” Treadmill Workouts

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes all I need to get out of a “running rut” is a new workout to get the legs movin’ and the sweat flowin’.

Sticking to yesterday’s Pinterest theme, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Pinterest-found treadmill workouts that are sure to do the trick! Here they are!

Sweaty Mess WALKING Incline Intervals Workout

via Sweet Tooth Sweet Life


This may be a walking workout, but I’m telling you, it packs a BIG punch! The steady high incline and fast paced walking really does hold up to it’s name. I was definitely a sweaty mess when the 38 minutes were up! Thanks Courtney!

2.5 Mile Treadmill Workout for Beginners

via Life of Blyss


Don’t be fooled, this workout may say “for beginners”, but don’t let that scare you off! This is one of my go-to workouts when I’m looking for a short, but challenging treadmill run with the occasional walking break. Love it! Thanks Alyssa!

ShredMill Workout

from an account that no longer exists


The quick intervals make this workout fly by, and I love the incorporation of strength moves into the workout to give you a full body burn!

Beat Treadmill Boredom Workout

from Peanut Butter Fingers


Julie was right about this workout, it definitely isn’t boring! The incorporation of strength moves with the short intervals keeps you interested and working hard! Thanks Julie!

Shredmill-Treadmill Workout

via Fab Fit Cities


I love that this workout has six different body toning intervals to keep you busy and keep boredom far away! Love it, Fab Fit Cities!

Boredom-Blasting Cardio Climb

via Hungry Runner


This workout combines the treadmill and the stairmaster with a constant climb, giving you the ultimate burn! Love it! Thanks, Katie!

41 Minute Treadmill Workout

via Kari Burghardt


One of the things I love most about this workout is that it looks exactly like a lot of mine, written in marker and ripped out of a notebook to grab for a quick reference workout when you go to the gym! That, and the sudden incline-climbs in the middle of the workout! Thanks Kari!

Tush Tamer Treadmill Workout

via Food, Fitness & Family


I love this workout for the obvious reason, the booty burn! Thanks, Madeline!

Treadmill Shredmill Workout

via Blogilates


Aside from it’s cute design, this workout is challenging and fun – everything I’m looking for in a treadmill workout. Thanks Cassey!

I hope you guys will find these interesting and possibly even give them a try! I promise they won’t let you down 🙂

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Tell Me: Do you have a favorite treadmill workout?

20 thoughts on “Favorite “Pinterest-found” Treadmill Workouts

  1. So many different workouts, and all in nice vibrant colors 🙂 I guess I have no excuse and have to give one a try! Every once in a while I’ll do a 2 mile HIIT treadmill workout, but usually I just do what feels right that day.

  2. These are great! I don’t hit the treadmill often, but these workouts would definitely beat any boredom I might experience!

  3. I just did Courtney’s Sweaty Mess Incline Walking Treadmill Workout + strength training – ouch, my buns are a burnin’! I was DEFINITELY a sweaty mess. Great post!

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