Silver Coach Restaurant Review & Lily Loves Flannel Sheets

Our dinner at the Silver Coach last night was amazing, but I can’t say that I’m too surprised! I loved the restaurant so much this summer that I knew it would be a hit, and it was!

Naturally, my hot date could not take a serious picture to save his life.


IMG_1751 IMG_1752

Does anyone else have a boyfriend like this?


Much better.

We started our meal off with an order of the restaurants famous “Crawfish Balls”, I know this sounds ridiculous, but these things are the


I’m not 100% sure of what all is included in the balls (which is why they’re famous I’m sure) but they are basically a crawfish, lemon, jalepeno ball that is crusted in creole seasoning and a light breading and sprinkled with lemon juice. They are out-of-this-world fantastic. Take my word for it.

They also brought us some fresh dinner rolls, along with a whole head of garlic to spread on the rolls.


If you know me at all, you’d know that my head nearly exploded with excitement when this happened. I could probably put garlic on absolutely anything.. it’s my world.


Please come with everything I order at every restaurant ever.

Our meals came with a choice of soup or Caesar salad, and I opted for the salad as a special treat because Caesar salad’s are my absolute favorite.

Andy chose the same, and we were shocked when they brought out this giant vat of Caesar-ey goodness.


We almost managed to finish it off. It was that good.

For my main course, I wanted steak and settled on the New York Strip Tchoupitoulas. I mean, look at that description. This meat-lovin’ girl could not pass that up.


Anything that is “laced with béarnaise sauce” is a winner in my book.

I was so excited that I forgot to take a picture before half of the steak was consumed, but I got a half-eaten picture for you guys. You’re welcome.


If you’re wondering why the last couple of pictures were so dark, it’s because Andy and I were not the only people in the restaurant by the time these dishes came out (we are officially old-farts who eat way too early) and I didn’t want to blind everyone/embarrass my boyfriend with my flash.

The rest of my steak is currently sitting in the fridge, waiting to be devoured 😉

In other news, Lily has a new favorite thing: flannel sheets.

ImageWe bought these flannel sheets at Younkers yesterday and Lily has taken up permanent residence on/under them.


Lily is hard enough to share a bed with as it is, as this is how most of our nights go around here..


So you can imagine how last night went now that Lily has a new obsession.


On that note, I am off to bother Andy until he agrees to build this:


Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!!

Tell Me: Do you share the bed with your dog? Is your dog a burrower/stretch out completely and take up the entire bed kind of dog like Lily?

16 thoughts on “Silver Coach Restaurant Review & Lily Loves Flannel Sheets

  1. That food all looks amazing. Obviously the garlic bread stole the show for me. I’m a sucker for carbs of any kind. Yum. And steak? I’m going to need to start going out to eat with you! You and your boyfriend know how to live 😉

  2. My heart is melting over Lily! Ob does the exact same thing – she burrows under the covers and then stretches her daddy long legs out and somehow, I wake up every night in our king size bed in the fetal position because she has taken up every last inch of space in the bed…and she’s not even that big. I really can’t understand it. She is the best dog to cuddle with though because she loves getting under the sheets! 🙂

    • Thanks!! Awwww Ob!! That is adorable! Our dogs have a lot in common! Andy and I are leaning towards saving up for a king sized mattress.. I am totally jealous of yours! It is physically impossible to have a queen sized bed and a Vizsla at the same time 😉

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