Bachelor Episode 3 Recap and Boring You With My Breakfast

Breakfast this morning was no surprise to all of you by now I’m sure.. 😉

Image A Fitmixer protein shake and some fresh cut strawberries.. it never gets old!

Bachelor Episode 3 Recap

Do I have any fellow Bachelor fans out there?

This show is my guilty pleasure.. like I mentioned last night, I get waaay too excited for my Monday night Bachelor nights. Two whole hours of catty women fighting over one insanely gorgeous man? I’m in.

When they first started doing this whole “keep people Brooke hates from old seasons and make them the Bachelor/Bachelorette next season thus insuring Brooke’s misery even though she’s obviously still going to watch it” thing, I was a little annoyed. Then they picked Sean and I was like..


Mostly because of this:


But also because I could absolutely not stand Ben. There was a huge thing that I couldn’t get past with him (besides his completely and utterly boring personality and lack of human emotions), which was the fact that he looked exactly like Maxine.


Am I right, or am I right? They might as well be identical twins. Except Maxine had a personality.. so there’s that.

After last nights episode, not much has changed as far as my favorites and least favorites go.. except for the fact that Amanda got sent home, which I was completely fine with because the girl was certifiably insane. And way too pouty for my liking.


Hello.. you’re on The Bachelor.. with Sean. Why do you look like a kindergartener who got her pudding stolen? Put a smile on, weirdo.

Also, my dislike of Tierra only got stronger. Not only has she tried to manipulate Sean’s attention by “falling down the stairs”, she’s now pulling the “WAAAAH Sean, all of the girls hate me! I’m going home unless you give me a rose right now!” act, which I cannot stand.


I also can’t stand that he fell for it and gave her the rose.. does anyone else feel another Vienna & Jake situation going on?


 That one’s going nowhere good..

As far as my favorites go, they’re pretty much the same. I’m still a big fan of AshLee, Leslee, Sarah, Robyn and Catherine.

Tell Me: Are you a Bachelor fan? Who are your favorites/least favorite contestants so far?

11 thoughts on “Bachelor Episode 3 Recap and Boring You With My Breakfast

  1. First of all- hi! I love your blog, and found it via Kate (Quarter Century Southern Living.)

    So- I recently divorced my cable company so I’m now in a loving relationship with Netflix & Apple-TV, which means I am a little behind on The Bachelor- BUT…regardless, this post cracked me up. Ugh Ben was the worst!!!!! And totes that creature’s doppleganger.

    • Yay!! I’m glad you found me! Thanks!!

      Don’t worry, you haven’t missed too much! I’m not sure how Apple TV works but it’s a pretty easy show to catch up on 🙂 especially when you can fast forward through the 263826 commercials!!

  2. Ahhh I totally agree with everything you said. So glad Amanda went home. It would have been better only if Tierra went too. I really like Selma after last night’s episode. I’m also a big fan of Leslee and Sarah, too. Tally agree with what you said about Ben too. He was such a dud.

  3. I CANNOT STAND TIERRA. Even her name is enough to make me cringe a bit. Every year I say I won’t watch it anymore but then I get sucked into’s a guilty pleasure!
    Hope the new semester is off to a good start 🙂

  4. I love the bachelor. I’ve seen every single season and I’m damn proud of it! I was so happy they picked Sean but not impressed by the women they chose for him. For real, Tierra? Girl is damn dramatic. Amanda? Insane. I’m glad Kacie B came back, she was my fave from Ben’s season!

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