PB Banana Chia Smoothie and Praying For a Snow Day

I added a little variety to my breakfast this morning by switching to my Fitmixer Vanilla Skinny protein instead of my usual Fitmixer Chocolate Sculpt protein in my morning smoothie.. woooah look out for this girl! Making big changes today!


I also combined half of an apple with a few strawberries for a small delicious fruit bowl on the side.. yum!


My smoothie combination ended up being even better than I expected! I really enjoyed this new switch up, so obviously I wanted to share it with you guys!

PB Banana Chia Smoothie


1 scoop Fitmixer Vanilla Skinny protein

1 half of a banana (frozen)

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk


1 TBS chia seeds

2-3 ice cubes

1.) Put all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.

2.) ENJOY!

Let me know what you think!

We have some lovely weather in Wisconsin today..


Snow, snow and… more snow.

If there’s any benefit to yet another day that I can’t run outside and likely can’t travel to the gym to run, it’s the potential of my only class of the day being cancelled. COME ON SNOW GODS I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO A THREE HOUR POPULATION PROBLEMS LECTURE!! Do your magic. I know I’m doing mine (in the form of this snow day dance):


On a side note, Lily isย reallyย cooped up, and I have NO IDEA what to do with her since I can’t drive and I obviously can’t run her.. any suggestions?


She is relentless.

Tell Me: Any suggestions for what I can do with Lily today? I can’t drive and it’s too icy to run.. let me know if you have any ideas! I really need them.. haha

29 thoughts on “PB Banana Chia Smoothie and Praying For a Snow Day

  1. Smoothie looks delish! I think I’ll make it for lunch now, actually. Thanks!

    I SO feel you about Lily. My dog Beans is small but FULL of energy. He just pestered me during my entire workout in the apartment. It’s also too icy to run, let alone walk, anywhere. I haven’t walked him all January because it’s been too cold.

    Some suggestions I do have though are… take her to Petsmart/your fave pet store for a fun outing and treat. I do this with Beans every couple weeks. Obviously, if you don’t need anything it might not be wise. But I usually just pop in with him on leash and buy him a cheap toy or a fun treat. It gets him out of the house, and since he loves car rides and trips to the petstore, it helps chill him out a little. Another thing I do with him is play a simple game where we just play fetch, but in between each time I throw the ball, I make him do a trick. I have no idea what tricks Lily knows, but whatever she does know, make her do the most challenging ones in between throws. This tires my dog out WAY faster than regular fetch.

    Hope those help!

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of these amazing suggestions!! I am going to try the trick + fetch game now! I might try to drive to Petco later because she does need more treats and it’s only like a block away so I should be able to make it okay! Lily is a wild woman in Petco.. so that should wear her out! Thanks again!

  2. It’s snowing like a madhouse here, too. I can’t make the three hour trek back to school because of cancelled roads!
    They cancelled classes tomorrow (start of the semester!) until 12:45 – they should have just cancelled the whole day!!
    Hoping you get a snowday, and I get the whole day off tomorrow! I’ve heard wearing your pajamas inside out is supposed to help?!

    • Cancelled roads?! That sounds awful!! I hope they cancel for you tomorrow so you don’t have to drive back in this craziness!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.. oh and wearing my pajamas inside out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. That smoothie looks so good! I want to get back into the smoothie habit….

    I like the fetch/trick idea mentioned above. Other ideas…. Maybe you could invite a friend over who also has a dog and have an indoor puppy playdate? Or just invite a bunch of people over for a movie and hot cocoa- maybe Lily will get tired from saying hi to so many people! Whenever I’m home at my parents’ house with other family members, our golden retriever Zoe often will get super sleepy just from all the tail-wagging and excited greetings!

  4. I can completely relate to the stir crazy dog thing! Our place is pretty small, so it’s hard when Nola has a lot of energy, but I will usually play tug-o-war with her or fetch with the little space we do have. Sometimes if I just take a second to sit down with her that can help too, she is happy just to have some extra snug time!

  5. Ooooh that’s a dilemma. We definitely used to stick my dog on the treadmill in the workout room on days like that haha I hope you get a day off! Snow days are the BEST! And with a snow dance like that, I don’t know how it wouldn’t work ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. that smoothie looks so good def making it this week! my dogs nutssss but he just likes playing in the snow so he has no problem tiring himself out lol and that snow dance is awesome i would def do it!

  7. Every time I think “hm, maybe I should move north” I think about snow days and commit to living south of the mason dixon line for the rest of my life lol

  8. I LOVE your blog:) As soon as I saw a Dr Horrible Sing Along gif, I knew I had found my new favorite blog to read haha! I used to have a vizsla and they are SO hyper! Love the caption…that’s exactly how my two pits are when it snows! I’ve found that making them do relentless repetitions of their tricks for healthy treats like carrots tires them out at least a little bit on those days you are snowed in!

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