Getting Out of a Running Rut Treadmill Workout & How I Finally Wore Lily Out

This morning started in the most annoying way possible… I had to give a speech. I know that I might be the whiniest person on earth right now, but I HATE giving speeches. I get up there behind the podium, my knees start to buckle, my cheeks get red and I start twirling my hair and talking like an auctioneer.


Most people who know me find this hard to believe, because when I’m around people that I know well, it’s hard to get me to shut up.

Not quite the case when I was waiting for my turn to give my speech this morning. When the teacher called my name I was like..

tumblr_mfrdkmreBS1rmmac6o2_250Oh Manny, you and I are one in the same.

Whatever, it’s over now. And I couldn’t be happier that speech #1 of 1238123 is out of the way. I walked out of that class like..


After class I went to the gym on the way home and cranked out 6 miles on the treadmill for the first time in way too long. I decided to give running another try and I did my New Years Resolution Kick-off Treadmill Workout, with a couple of small variations.

For the interval in which you are supposed to walk 2 min @ 4.0, I switched it up,  to walk 1 min at 4.0 followed by 1 min at 4.5. I also only went up to 6.5 as the max speed of the workout. I needed a slow-er running workout to ease me back into the world of running.

Here’s the new workout.


I repeated the workout over and over until I got to 6 miles. The switching up speeds made the workout fly by, and I covered 6 miles in just over an hour. This was a great way to get my fire for running started again!

When I got home, I made a quick ham, mustard and greens sandwich on wheat bread for lunch.


After lunch, Andy and I headed to the dog park in a last ditch effort to wear out our crazy spastic dog.

Lily had an amazing time leaping through 4 feet of snow, and we had a freezing cold fun time watching her.


Seriously, the snow was so deep. It went way past my boots and up to my snow pants! Needless to say, we were the only crazies at the dog park today.


Lily spent her time at the dog park doing this:


 Thankfully, she is now super sleepy, and I’m not mad about it.


We’re laying low now, and Andy’s applying for jobs and I’m soaking in the fact that I don’t have Friday classes this semester. In other words.. TGIT because this week has left me feeling a little bit exhausted..


Somebody get me a class of Cabernet and an episode of Vampire Diaries because I need to get my Ian Somerhalder on.


 7 pm, hurry up.

Tell Me: Any fellow Vampire Diaries fans out there? AKA any fellow Ian fans out there? (Because we all know that’s the only reason any of us are putting up with Elena long enough to watch this show)

33 thoughts on “Getting Out of a Running Rut Treadmill Workout & How I Finally Wore Lily Out

  1. I am so with you on the speeches. I am out there and loud and bubbly all the time, but put me in front of a crowd I can’t get my hands out of my hair! Awesome job on the treadmill workout!

  2. I’m not sure what time zone you’re in, but it’s 345 pm here and I was just seriously considering getting a glass of Cabernet. You don’t need to wait til 7pm :p You deserve it after getting through your speech!

  3. Ah, Lily girl is so cute! Glad to see that she finally used up that energy! Nola is the same way, she just needs the exercise. Awesome job on your workout, that sounds intense! Side note, I am the exact same with speeches. Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy!!

  4. oh gosh, speeches and presentations are theeee worst. Glad you finished it!
    I also did 6 miles on the treadmill today – that thing blows my mind in how boring it is. Great way to switch it up!

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  6. Omg I hate giving speeches too. Which is weird, considering I’m a performer AND a teacher…but I hate it! Anytime I had to give a presentation in college or grad school, I’d be drenched in anxiety the night/hours before. Gahh.

    I don’t watch Vamp Diaries but something tells me I should!! I do love Ian though…rawr.

  7. When I was at the UW I was TERRIFIED of puclic speaking. Then in ROTC I had a sergeant who pushed us to do public speaking every week and now I’m much more comfortable with it. It allowed me to nail my last job interview too as I was cool, calm & collected!

    I am getting back into running next week after having wisdom teeth out so I’ll be doing that one for sure. Then half marathon training is right around the corner.

    Oh I love me some Ian. I DVRd last nights episode and will get to it this coming Monday. He is a dream boat for sure.

  8. Can I tell you how much I enjoy blog hunting and landing on gems like yours? Great job getting back on the hamster wheel. And just to let you know there are tons of other good puppy parents who “love” taking their dogs out : ) Our puppy makes me want to curl up with a furnace on the reg!

  9. i dont watch vampire diaries but i am such an ian fan <333 and i agree with you on the speeches if i even have atleast one or 2 close friends in class im fine the fact i don't know anyone i become the biggest hair twirler too.. i had to do one last semester and got 10 points off because of my accent i dont always say my -ing's like bringing i saw bring-in.. so annoying! that workout looks good i got so bored on the treadmill today, gonna try that tomorrow!

  10. Hey girl! Just found your blog from Sarah (pickyrunner)…I’m excited to catch up…I think we’re going to get along brilliantly 😉 Wine and Vampire diaries for Ian?? A girl after my own heart 😉 And I freaked anytime I had to give a speech in college…made public speaking awesome haha…longest semester ever!

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