An Uncomfortable Workout & Big Weekend Plans

My morning workout started out the the most uncomfortable way possible, when I brought one old Newton shoe and one new Newton shoe to the gym for my run this morning.


This only further proves my point that that my brain can not accurately function at 6:30 in the morning unless I’m getting up to go shopping or on a biking wine tour or something.

If you’ve ever had Newtons, you know how uncomfortable this would be. Newtons have bumps on the bottom of the shoe at specific points to help you correct your foot strike (I have a terrible heel strike that has causes tibial stress fractures for years so Newtons literally changed my world).

Needless to say, I trained for and completed two half marathons and a marathon in my first pair of Newtons, and those shoes are completely flat. My new ones are not. So for my entire run, I was on the most uneven surface known to mankind. Hopefully I don’t have a broken hip as a result of this, because in the words of Cam from Modern Family:


Milwaukee Trip

When we got to Milwaukee, we settled in in our hotel before heading out to dinner. We ultimately chose to just get appetizers and drinks, and ended up going to two different restraunts.

The first restaurant we chose was inside of the Milwaukee Public Market, which Andy and I both agreed was an awesome stop!


The market had a ton of little venues, and the wine bar that we had initially planned on going to was one of them. Thief Wine Bar looked awesome, but it was packed so we opted to get our appetizers instead.


We went to St Paul Fish Company, which looked like a fish market with a restaurant included. It was exactly my kind of place!


We ended up going with the oysters and calamari, and both were very reasonably priced and delicious!


On our freezing cold walk to the Bradley Center, we decided to stop at the Water Street Brewery and warm up over a few drinks. We went with the sampler, and Andy and I both were left swooning over the raspberry lager.


We both agreed that we would have loved a larger glass if we had the time.

The game was a blast and the Bucks won, which always makes everything just a littttle bit better 🙂 I’ll have pics of the game later 🙂

I woke up this morning and got a workout in at the hotel fitness center in preparation for what I’m doing right now, which is enjoying breakfast in bed with my wonderful boyfriend! When room service brought our breakfast up, I was like:


So far, it hasn’t disappointed.


Cinnamon roll french toast? I’m in Heaven.

Tell Me: What’s your favorite breakfast food?!

23 thoughts on “An Uncomfortable Workout & Big Weekend Plans

  1. What an awesome trip! Love Modern Family, and love New Girl even more. Did you see it this week!? That French toast looks amazing. My favorite breakfast food is something called ‘ban-berry crepes’ that they make at this local pancake house by me. Basically just buckwheat crepes filled with bananas and berries and drizzled with a berry sauce. So good.

  2. I want that beer sampler… i. love. beer! glad y’all are enjoying your trip! my favorite breakfast food is probably waffles topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, or i really like pumpkin pie oatmeal (actually, just oatmeal in general, especially with peanut butter)

  3. I am dying to go to the public market someday! I love Milwaukee..just wish I had more friends that lived out there. Tyler and I were going to get the sampler at Water Street Brewery but I stuck with my moscato… I’m devoted.

    Yay Bucks! I’m presuming you’re as happy as I am tha tthe 49ers lost since they killed our beloved Packers!

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