Things That Shouldn’t Taste Good Together

When I woke up this morning, something weird happened.

I, the girl with the ultimate sweet tooth, didn’t feel like having something sweet for breakfast.


I know.

See most mornings around here call for some kind of smoothie and fruit combo, like a Chocolate PB Smoothie, or my PB Banana Chia Smoothie, with some sort of fruit on the side. But not this morning.




It’s time for avocado to make an appearance into this girls breakfast.

I started off by mixing up 1/3 of an avocado with some lime and a little garlic and salt, and spreading half of it on a slice of whole wheat toast.


This sparked a fuel inside me that could not be tamed.

I wanted another, but then I had a brilliant idea.

You know when you make something that just sounds like it could potentially be really good or like really really nasty? Well I bring you, cheesy rice cake avocado sandwich thingy.


I topped the a Quaker White Cheddar rice cake with the rest of the avocado mixture and…

shockedOut of this world delicious. You could say that I’ve found my new favorite snack.

Tell Me: Have you ever loved combining two foods that shouldn’t taste good together?

30 thoughts on “Things That Shouldn’t Taste Good Together

  1. Hahaha I really like the title of this post. I also REALLY love cheddar rice cakes, especially when they’re extra cheesy. Yum!

  2. I have totally put avocado on rice cakes and then topped them with salsa. It is delicious! I also love putting cottage cheese and jelly or jam on rice cakes. I am telling you…rice cakes are seriously one of the most versatile snacks.

  3. I feel like peanut butter with strawberries and blueberries should not taste good, but I mixed that in with my oatmeal this morning and almost died because it was so tasty.

    I could eat avocado with anything… sometimes I’ll just salt and pep it up and eat a whole avocado right out off the shell. I HAVE NO SHAME! Sometimes I’ll eat guacamole with a spoon if we run out of chips at the restaurant… yeah..

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