My First Stitch Fix and I Need Your Help!

When I checked the mail this morning, I was extra hopeful that I’d have something special waiting for me, and the anticipation almost killed me.


Side note: If you haven’t seen the “Aunt Sue” sketches on SNL you haven’t lived, so I attached one of them for all of you. You’re welcome in advance.

Aunt Sue Surprise  < This one is my favorite but it won’t let me embed it. 

Anyway, I don’t know about you guys, but I get way too excited about getting anything in the mail that isn’t a bill. It makes my whole day.

And if that something is a package.. the happy dance comes out.


So when I got my first Stitch Fix package in the mail today, I was jumping for joy.


After taking a quiz on the Stitch Fix website to determine your style profile, you will be sent 5 items (clothing or accessories) personally picked out for you by a stylist based on your style profile.


When you get your fix in the mail, you can try on the items and decide what you want to keep (if any) and check out online. If you decide to keep all 5 items in your fix, you get 20% off of your entire order.

If you decide not to keep some or all of the items, you just have to send them back within 3 days. It’s as easy as that!


So this is where your help comes in..

I like all of my items. I just don’t think I can afford all of them. So I need your help.

tumblr_mh5kyf9fM21qb1vv2o1_500 So here’s what I got in my fix..

Aspen 3/4 Sleeve Faux Wrap Dress


Ellita Sheer Crystal Pleat Tank


Cashmere & Silk Tube Scarf



Lorena Knit 3/4 Sleeve Blazer


Tatum Open Stitch 3/4 Sleeve Sweater

ImageI want all of it, but..



I’m just going to ask you guys instead 🙂

Tell Me: What should I keep/return?!

32 thoughts on “My First Stitch Fix and I Need Your Help!

  1. Personally, I like the blazer and scarf the best. Those two seem like the most versatile pieces and the most “timeless.” I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but again, affording a subscription or buying a lot of clothing every month is just not in my budget right now. Maybe someday!

  2. Keep that blue tank, I love it! I’d probably keep the blazer too. Maybe if you’re splurging, go for the scarf too. I think I’d pass on the green sweater. I’m sure it’s super cute, but I personally don’t have a lot of occasions where I can wear such a bright color.Let us know what you end up picking!

  3. I like the blazer and the tank best. Don’t you dare get me hooked on this. I already got stuck on pv. body and I can’t afford another one of these monthly mailings!!!

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