Gino’s Lasagna and an Ice Storm

Last night Andy, Lily and I headed to my dad’s house for dinner and a movie at home. When my dad told me that he brought a Gino’s lasagna back from Madison to make for dinner, I’m sure my reaction looked a little bit like this:

Al-bundy-ed-oneill-animated-gif-2Andy knew something was up, and as soon as I got off the phone, he asked what we were having.

Am I that predictable?


Eh, yeah. Probably.

Gino’s is an italian deli near the house I grew up in, and they have the BEST take and bake lasagna that I haven’t had in years. To say that I was excited would be an understatement.

And it didn’t disappoint.


Lasagna, garlic bread, and an italian salad on the side..


So delicious. There’s nothing like dinner at my dad’s.

Lily’s New Best Friend

This morning my cousin Lauren came over to do some laundry and a little shopping for her wedding.


(photo credit to Life Tree Photography)

We had originally intended to go look at wedding dresses, but an unplanned ice storm developed that made us reconsider the 30 minute drive.


We figured that ICE COVERED and TREACHEROUS (chill with the capitals, police department) roads were probably not ideal driving conditions, and stuck to a few errands in town.

As soon as we got back from shopping, Lily immediately developed a strange new attachment to Lauren.


She refused to leave the poor girl alone and I was like, Lily..


You’re embarrassing us.

Unfortunately, she didn’t give up.


I’ve never seen her get so attached to anyone other than Andy or myself. Lauren, wanna babysit?

ImageIt’s love.

Now it’s time to make some dinner, watch a few NBA games and maybe even the Grammys for a little while.. if the boyfriend lets me 🙂

Tell Me: Are you watching the Grammys tonight? Who do you want to win?

16 thoughts on “Gino’s Lasagna and an Ice Storm

  1. That dinner looks amazing!! I am most definitely watching the Grammys. Already have the red carpet on :p That means Grammy’s from 6-11ish. Oh my. I want Ellen to win! She’s nominated for the reading of her book. I honestly don’t even know who else is nominated.

  2. hahha lily is so cute! and ekkk ice storms the worst! idc much who wins the grammys (idk whos really nominated :-/) but i am soooo excited for tswift, mumford & sons anddd carrie all to perform! why am i not at this event!

  3. Hahaha love the all caps in those text messages… they mean business! I get so excited for Chicago Style Pizza when I go back to visit my parents. I think I ate 3 different restaurants’ versions of Chicago style pizza when I visited home for 2 weeks in December.

    I plan on watching the Grammy’s tonight, but I’m missing the first hour because I have study hall with my football players (I tutor the team as a grad assistant at my university). I honestly have no favorites to win.. I just don’t want Taylor Swift to win anything because I don’t like her… I honestly don’t know who’s nominated for anything. But I root against Taylor (sorry fans)

  4. OMG that dinner. I loveeeee lasagna and garlic bread more than anything. And dress shopping would be so much fun. I hope you get to go soon! My friends need to hurry up and get married so I can start going dress shopping with them.

  5. Yeah, so now I think i have to make lasagne next weekend. Between you and Molly, I’m feeling very Italian all of the sudden! I’m sorry that the weather kept you guys from doing some wedding stuff, but I’m glad Lily was happy for the extra company 😉 She’s adorable!

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