Gym Etiquette and a Cycling Class

I went to the gym this morning to crank out my 3-mile run and saw something that I have honestly never seen before at the gym that disgusted me.

Not that I am some gym etiquette nazi or anything, but there are a few things that I absolutely can not stand at the gym, and this one made the list.

When I looked over at this lady today, I was like:


The lady on the bike in front of me was riding the bike, without shoes.


For some reason, this (mixed with the massive amount of sweat that she left all over the bike post-workout) honestly made me gag.

Am I the only one that this grosses out?

I refuse to believe that I am.

This got me to thinking about the things that I believe are breaking gym etiquette. So here we go. Let me know if any of these things bother you too, or if I am in fact, just a gym nazi.

1.) Grunting. It’s just not okay. I don’t want to hear your loud gorilla sounds. If you need to me to tell you that you’re a man, I’ll do that if it means that I don’t have to listen to your obnoxious grunting over the sounds of my headphones anymore.

2.) People who don’t clean up their sweat. I mean, come on.

3.) People who are CONSTANTLY staring at your speed while you’re on the treadmill next to them. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that I was running a race today.

4.) People who sit on the bikes to watch TV and not actually bike.

5.) Girls who wear a lot of makeup to the gym. Stop making me look like a sweaty troll.

6.) Women who wear a lot of perfume to the gym. Perfume + sweat = …no thank you.

….Maybe I am a gym nazi after all.

Lauren and I are off to cycling tonight.. wish us luck since neither of us have cycled since the dawn of time and are just hoping this doesn’t happen to us:

tumblr_lqqzjy9Ezi1qkghiuThis could get interesting.

Tell Me: What is your gym pet peeve?

34 thoughts on “Gym Etiquette and a Cycling Class

  1. Hahahaha these made me lol. The no shoes thing is nasty. I mostly just get annoyed with girls who pretend to work out for hours but barely do Anything while they’re there. What’s the point?

  2. Total agreement here! The treadmill speed-checking thing is SO annoying! I almost asked a woman if she wanted to race one time.

    I would add: Standing on/near machines and just chatting when people are clearly waiting.

  3. ew gym is such a easy way to pick up fungus bacteria,etc soo gross ! i cant stand the whole makeup thing, even a friend of mine does it and will walk on the treadmill not to break of sweat n gets me so annoyed! i hate people who talk on tele too lol idk y sometimes i guess gotta do what you gotta do but otherwise STOP

  4. oh my gosh! <– literally said that out loud about the woman biking with no shoes. The fact that someone would go anywhere in a GYM without shoes is beyond nasty. That is like the ideal place to pick up a weird foot fungus. Gross. People are nuts.

    Their is a girl that frequents my gym and every time I see her she has on a face full of make-up and her hair is down and perfectly straight…not in a pony tail…like styled, blow dried and ready for a day out. I'm not sure why, but this bothers me…I feel like she wastes space in the gym because she obviously isn't there to sweat. lol

  5. I go nuts watching someone barely move on a cardio machine while people are waiting. NUTS! I also get skeeved out when people don’t wear enough clothing. It’s air conditioned. There’s no reason for girls to only wear a sports bra and shorts showing more cheek than I do at the beach.

  6. I can’t stand the phone talkers!!! Like you are in a gym to work out, that phone call can wait. Also I hate seeing people who are there and not sweaty. Like the super slow treadmill walkers? The people who think its cool to pop into a 60 minute class for 20 minutes and twirl in a corner and then leave. Also full body spandex suits. I work out in a gym that is in my office building and there is a woman I work with who doesn’t sweat, dabs herself “clean” in the locker room with paper towels, wears a high pony tail (she is at least 55), AND wears a zip up one piece shorts and short sleeve spandex. The whole situation infuriates me every time I see her.

    • OMG we have a woman just like that at my gym!! We’re here to get sweaty.. not to flirt with a bunch of 30-somethings who are probably married and farrrr too young for you! Also, you look like you’re in flashdance. Go home.

  7. Omg I love this post. I totally made that Workaholics Adam face when I read the “barefoot on the bike” part. I agree with everything on your gym pet peeve list!! Grunting really bothers me– it is so annoying!

    At our old apartment, we had some really special characters at our gym. Connor & I even gave them nicknames. Allow me to introduce to you:

    * “Shakira” – the girl who sang, very loudly, off-key, to her iPod as she stomped, not walked, on the treadmill
    * “Chocolat” – the overweight man who, no joke, ate lindt truffles while on the treadmill
    * “The Meatballs” – two jersey shore esque girls who would go to the gym with a trainer and laugh/yell/giggle the entire time
    * “Fox News” – the man who would always turn the TV on to Fox News, and BLAST it at high volume.

    Honestly, gyms should have an etiquette contract!

  8. Grossest thing I have seen at the gym is the person in the bathroom stall next to me with their textbook open, on the floor like they were reading while the they were you know…
    And the writing was in Chinese which made it more strange….

  9. I HATE the grunters… the SERF was full of them and I’m so glad to be away from that now. By new gym though (harbor in Middleton) has a select few individuals who read the paper between their sets. Never fails that what machine they’re ‘using’ is what I need. Um hello-I’m trying to workout and you’re cramping my style!

    And girls who wear too much makeup. Or let their obviously fake boobs hang out of low cut tank tops. Didn’t know it was a place to hook up with people. Woof.


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