Thursday’s Circuit Workout & Todays Eats

I realized that I haven’t been posting about what I’ve been obsessed with eating lately, so I thought I’d fill you guys in on todays eats!

Breakfast this morning started off with a couple of slices of toast, topped with PB & a sliced up banana.


It’s a morning favorite around here.


I’ve also been drinking my Fitmixer Aminos like it’s my day job lately.

ImageUsually, I’m a plain water kinda girl, but they’re amazing!

Lunch was very similar to what Lauren made for dinner for us last night, an egg, facon, and cheese english muffin. So good.


And yes I said facon (fake bacon). I’m not even a vegetarian, but I love it. And Lauren’s a pescetarian, so I can always count on her to have facon in store 🙂

“A Week of Workouts” Wednesday Circuit

Today’s my rest day on my half marathon training plan, so my day is going a lot like this:


Not ashsamed.

Just chillin’ with my valentines 🙂


But for those of you who are still looking for a good workout today, the “Week of Workouts” workout of the day focuses on arms and chest. So here it is!


Here are the links to each specific move, in case you are unfamiliar with them!


bicep curls

jack pushups

chair dips


wall pushups

Let me know what you guys think of this circuit/workout series! I am always looking for good feedback!

Also, YOU HAVE UNTIL 8 PM TONIGHT TO JOIN MY ENERGYbits GIVEAWAY TO WIN YOUR CHOICE OF EITHER ENERGYbits OR SKINNYbits!! Read the directions and comment on this post for a chance to win!!

I will be revealing the winner tonight!

Good luck!!

Tell Me: What is your favorite arm/chest exercise?

17 thoughts on “Thursday’s Circuit Workout & Todays Eats

  1. sounds like a awesome vday ! those are the best kind of days sitting doing nadaaa! I have to try this workout! I need to add more arms in.. my pushups are gonna be the girliest ever but idc lol

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