Valentines Day and I Need Spinning Shorts


Maybe I am a slightly mushy, candy-obsessed, weirdo, but I personally love Valentines Day.

I loved it during the years when I didn’t have a valentine, and I love it even more now that I have the best one.


We don’t have big plans for the night, since we’re trying to save money, so we’ll probably just cook a nice dinner at home, open a bottle of wine and watch a movie. And that’s just fine with me.


Sometimes those are the best nights.

Spinning Class

Last nights spinning class was a definite success!


Lauren and I had no idea what to expect of the class, and we were pretty shocked to see that it was a very small spinning class (there were only 6 bikes in the room).

The only other spin class that I’ve ever taken had about 20 bikes in the room, but I have to admit, I kind of liked the small class size!

It wasn’t intimidating at all, and our instructor was the entertainment of the night. It was almost like someone had told him..


The guy was relentless.

To give him a little credit, he did have an awesome playlist, and he knew it.

By the middle of the class, he was busting out full on dance moves to Jai Ho, while biking at the same time. I was impressed. Those kind of moves take talent.



It made the class so entertaining, and Lauren and I both agreed that we wanted to make spinning Wednesdays a weekly thing.


Who would have ever guessed that these two kiddos would still be best friends and  run 2 half marathons and one marathon and take a spinning class together?

Nobody in our family, at least not the exercise part. I think they all knew that we would be best friends forever. Probably because I always looked up to Lauren as a kid.

My family jokes that the only two things I said when I was little were “Ouch” and “Where’s Lauren?” “Ouch” because I was a klutz (still true) and “Where’s Lauren?” because I always wanted to be doing whatever she was doing (also still true).

The only downside of spinning was my incredibly sore butt this morning, but that’s nothing that some padded shorts can’t fix. Any recommendations for some good ones?

Tell Me: What are your Valentines Day plans? It doesn’t matter if you have a valentine or not!

27 thoughts on “Valentines Day and I Need Spinning Shorts

  1. That spinning class sounds awesome!! I want to try one like haha 🙂 my vday plans are pretty chill since my boy is 9 hours away for three more weeks…yoga video after work, something easy for dinner and relaxing with some tv!

  2. I do love a lazy night involving wine ANY DAY! 🙂 I have been thinking about cycling shorts myself but I’m torn whether I want shorts or clip in shoes. It’s hard to do the pedal strokes effectively in my Brooks and sometimes I get shin or knee pain because of it. Let me know what you find out!

  3. So my butt is on fire today. I had to bring a pillow to work to sit on. Can we nickname out instructor? I mean he never even introduced himself. He just hopped on the bike and we were all like, “we’ll I guess this is happening now.”

    I’m glad you say ouch a little less frequently now, but I hope you still say “where’s Lauren?” when it’s just you and lily in the apartment. Plus we all know she’s just as desperate to locate me as you are. See you this weekend (probs?)!!! Xoxo

    • OMG my butt hurts SO BAD! I thought I was being a whimp. We need butt pillows.

      HAHHAH I literally died reading “I mean he never even introduced himself. He just hopped on the bike and we were all like, “we’ll I guess this is happening now.”.. What was with that? That was really weird, looking back on it.

      See you this weekend for sure!

  4. That is exactly how I would want to spend valentines day if I was in a relationship with someone. I’m so simplistic, the fancy nights are just not my cup of tea. A good movie and good company (and obviously good food) is all I need. Especially if it’s had in pajamas.

  5. I baked cookies that were SUPPOSED to be hot pink (the batter was, the food coloring baked out and created a weird orangey/pink/brown color), put 3 in a bag, attached One Direction foil valentines (i’m obsessed), and handed them out to my friends/coworkers. I LOVE handing out little gifts to people you care about, even if they’re silly. Tonight, I’m going on a lady date with my girlfriends before we go out and celebrate being fabulously independent and seeing everyone we love! I haven’t been single for Valentine’s Day in 3 year, so this is definitely exciting!

    Oh and P.S. your abs workout killed me.. so much so that I linked up to it in my blog so hopefully everyone in the entire world will do it (aka my like 30 readers).

  6. I hadn’t taken a spin class in 1-2 years and took one a couple weeks ago. My butt and … the surrounding area were sore to the point they felt bruised for almost 5 days. It was so painful!

  7. Spin Class is something I discovered at my gym almost a year ago and I feel head over heels for it! Since starting spin, I invested in a good road bike and hit the open road. Nothing better than being outside enjoy the fresh air and getting a good workout in. My favorite shorts are by Bontrager Solstice shorts. Try them out and hope that helps. 🙂

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