Eggos and Ambition

I started off this lovely Monday with a big breakfast of fuel:


2 multigrain Eggos and a sliced up granny smith apple.. YUM.

I needed a good amount of fuel before heading to class because I am feeling ambitious today. I never got around to completing my long run, after a busy busy weekend, so todays the day, and then some.

I’m planning on cranking out 10 treadmill miles after class this morning, which is something  haven’t done in a while. I always seem to get really bored after running anything over 5 miles on a treadmill…

mondays this should be a challenge.

Off to class… wish me luck!

Tell Me: What are your tips/tricks for getting through a long treadmill run?

21 thoughts on “Eggos and Ambition

  1. Good luck! I’ve maxed out at 6 miles on the ‘mill but think I could’ve done more with better things on the tv or music. I need lots of stimulation while running on the TM!

  2. Oh man, good luck. I max out at about 4 miles on the treadmill before I start feeling like a crazy person. I have the best luck if I spend some time on the elliptical first (and count that as part of my run…) or keep myself busy by constantly changing pace and incline for intervals.

  3. ahhh i did 10miles last wk it was hard not gonna lie at 8 i was like talking to myself at that point lol… goodluck! i wanna start bringing my kindle or something maybe thatll make em go quicker!

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