Quirky Dogs and Passive Aggressive Notes

Well, I’m officially a grandma.

I ordered an extra special version of the good old Cream of Wheat on Amazon a little while ago (embarrassing to admit) but it looked delicious and I just had to try it.


I added a little Love Grown Oats Sweet Cranberry Pecan granola…


and tada!

Image Old lady breakfasts are A-okay with me.

Lily’s New Quirks

Lily is a very quirky dog. More-so than usual lately.

Example A: She refuses to walk around without a blanket.




Example B: She falls asleep during the Bachelor which, in turn, makes Andy fall asleep too. (WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE THAT I LIVE WITH?!)


Example C: She now likes to sit on top of her cage, instead of in it.

ImageThere must be a full moon or something.

Passive Agressive Notes

My friend Jared and I are big fans of a website called Passive Aggressive Notes, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite notes from angry kids that made me smile this morning 🙂






 and one of my personal favorites: this kid now:


 and the same kid 20 years from now..



Todays workout is spinning class tonight with Lauren!!

It doesn’t start until 6:30 tonight, but I’ve already got my Sweat Pink gear on and I’m ready to go!


I’m personally hoping that our Jai Ho instructor comes back so I can watch him do his thang again.

Tell Me: Does your dog have any weird quirks? Do you like Cream of Wheat?

31 thoughts on “Quirky Dogs and Passive Aggressive Notes

  1. Hahhaa that website. I need to check it out while I’m procrastinating which is always. And we can balance your old lady breakfasts with my 4-year-old breakfasts. We’d make a great pair 🙂

  2. These are FANTASTIC. I want a dog so bad.. Tyler and I have agreed to get a husky for our first dog 🙂

    That cream of what sounds fantastic. My dad would always make me those when I was a kid. Gourmet cooking there dad.

  3. Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud! My parents have a dachshund and he LOVES to burrow under blankets. he also will not sleep in his bed unless you put a large, human blanket on it. He doesn’t have time for his little dog blanket. He also HATES anything with a squeaker and immediately rips its heart out.

    Those notes made me pee my pants. i LOVE children. I think Daniel Radcliffe said something along the lines of “I love little kids. It’s like having a mini-drunk best friend with you.” So so true.

  4. Those notes are to funny! I now have a extreme craving for cinnamon buns on christmas morning, looks like I will have to do some playing around this weekend and make cinnamon bun oatmeal or healthier cinnamon buns!

  5. haha those notes cracked me up! i have a feeling i’m going to get sucked into spending a lot of time on that site today lol

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