The Return of Jai Ho and Uncle Sam Cereal Review

Lauren and I were way too excited when we got to spin class last night to see that Jai Ho was going to be our instructor, once again. We both totally have a non-romantic crush on him that basically just consists of us feeling like we want to be best friends with him 100% of the time.

We just want to be up there, dancing on our spin bikes to his super fab playlist every day of the week.


We specifically refer to him as Jai Ho now, partly because he continues to play that song during every class and partly because he hasn’t told us his real name yet.

But on the plus side, he did tell the class how to properly adjust their bikes and stuff this time, unlike last week when, as Lauren put it, “He just hopped on the bike and we were all like, “we’ll I guess this is happening now.” That was awkward.

Thankfully we’re much more acquainted with the bikes by now, compared to last week when Jai Ho was like, “INCREASE TENSION” and we were like:


And my butt isn’t nearly as sore. Which is always a plus.

Uncle Sam Cereal Review

I was given the opportunity to review Attune Foods’ Uncle Sam High Fiber Cereals recently, and I was more than a little excited when I got TWO WHOLE BOXES of cereal in the mail a few days ago! I am a big fan of cereal, so this was a great day for meAttune Foods is a company dedicated to “improving the way we eat at home, in our local community, in our nation and someday worldwide.”

Attune Foods sent me their Original Uncle Sam Cereal, as well as their Uncle Sam Skinner’s Raisin Bran Cereal to review!


Uncle Sam’s Cereals are high fiber cereals that are made from

“Hard red winter wheat berries with flaxseeds [that] make this a wholesome high fiber & heart-healthy cereal. Stay fit, full and feeling your best with Uncle Sam breakfast cereals featuring all the benefits of high fiber.”


I had a small bowl of the Original for breakfast this morning, and I am already a big fan!!


I had the cereal plain, and it was delicious, but I plan on adding some fresh strawberries or raspberries to it tomorrow once I’ve been grocery shopping and picked up some produce that is currently in high demand (by me) around here.

Attune Foods also suggests enjoying the cereal in the following ways:

  • Topped with fresh fruit or honey
  • Mixed in with Greek yogurt
  • Poured into a bowl with cold milk
  • Devoured by the handful

I might have to try every single one! I definitely recommend giving either of these cereals a try!

Tell Me: What is your favorite cereal?

16 thoughts on “The Return of Jai Ho and Uncle Sam Cereal Review

  1. JAI HO!! God I love him. He looks like a Ben…or a Zeke. Whatever, he’s the bomb. Can’t wait until he writes his playlist down for us to download. I can never remember all the songs after I’ve drowned in my sweat.

  2. I’m glad you had such a great time at spinning! I still have never been. I need to get on this trend!! I’ve never tried Uncle Sam’s cereal but maybe I need to… everyone seems to love it.

  3. That is the best bowl ever!! Where did you get it??
    My favourite cereal is honey nut cheerios, vector, and shreddies. I don’t have cereal very often, but maybe I’ll try Uncle Sams next time I grab groceries in the States…Canada doesn’t have half of the fun stuff that you guys do lol.

  4. I loved the Uncle Sam cereals… until I went gluten free. womp 😦 But I used to have a bowl of the original with unsweetened shredded coconut and sugar free maple syrup. Sounds like an odd combination but it was oh so good.

  5. That’s hilarious that you guysrefer to him as jai ho guy haha.,,he seems to have excellent taste in music 😉 a box with two boxes of cereal artived in your mail??? How do i get so lucky?? I love cereal haha…huge fan of cinnamon and pb puffins and kashi go lean crisps 🙂

  6. Jai Ho was always my fave song to Zumba to…and I love that that is what you refer to him as. Hilarious. I also like to refer to people by key points and not by their actual names; it’s helps me to remember where I know them and plus, you obviously form an immediate BFF bond with them and whoever is in on the nickname (even if the person the nickname refers to is not in the loop). I’m jealous that you get all of these free things.. I need to become a real life blogger and get people to just send me lavish gifts (aka food and stuffs) because I’d be more than happy to review! (HINT to any companies who are looking for reviewers 😉 )

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