The Return of Jai Ho and Uncle Sam Cereal Review

Lauren and I were way too excited when we got to spin class last night to see that Jai Ho was going to be our instructor, once again. We both totally have a non-romantic crush on him that basically just consists of us feeling like we want to be best friends with him 100% of the time.

We just want to be up there, dancing on our spin bikes to his super fab playlist every day of the week.


We specifically refer to him as Jai Ho now, partly because he continues to play that song during every class and partly because he hasn’t told us his real name yet.

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Bulu Box #2 Review and Sweat Pink Ambassador Gear is Here!

I got an extra special surprise when I went to check my mail this morning and had not one, but three packages waiting for me!



The first package that I opened was my Sweat Pink Ambassador gear!! I was recently selected to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador, and I couldn’t possibly be any more excited about it!

And how could you not be when they send you all of this cute gear?!


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