The Return of Jai Ho and Uncle Sam Cereal Review

Lauren and I were way too excited when we got to spin class last night to see that Jai Ho was going to be our instructor, once again. We both totally have a non-romantic crush on him that basically just consists of us feeling like we want to be best friends with him 100% of the time.

We just want to be up there, dancing on our spin bikes to his super fab playlist every day of the week.


We specifically refer to him as Jai Ho now, partly because he continues to play that song during every class and partly because he hasn’t told us his real name yet.

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Quirky Dogs and Passive Aggressive Notes

Well, I’m officially a grandma.

I ordered an extra special version of the good old Cream of Wheat on Amazon a little while ago (embarrassing to admit) but it looked delicious and I just had to try it.


I added a little Love Grown Oats Sweet Cranberry Pecan granola…


and tada!

Image Old lady breakfasts are A-okay with me.

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Eggos and Ambition

I started off this lovely Monday with a big breakfast of fuel:


2 multigrain Eggos and a sliced up granny smith apple.. YUM.

I needed a good amount of fuel before heading to class because I am feeling ambitious today. I never got around to completing my long run, after a busy busy weekend, so todays the day, and then some.

I’m planning on cranking out 10 treadmill miles after class this morning, which is something  haven’t done in a while. I always seem to get really bored after running anything over 5 miles on a treadmill…

mondays this should be a challenge.

Off to class… wish me luck!

Tell Me: What are your tips/tricks for getting through a long treadmill run?

Thursday’s Circuit Workout & Todays Eats

I realized that I haven’t been posting about what I’ve been obsessed with eating lately, so I thought I’d fill you guys in on todays eats!

Breakfast this morning started off with a couple of slices of toast, topped with PB & a sliced up banana.


It’s a morning favorite around here.


I’ve also been drinking my Fitmixer Aminos like it’s my day job lately.

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Up Early and Chicago Bound

This morning began with a 5:00 wake-up call..


I was not havin’ it. But I hopped out of bed anyway, put on 26392 layers of clothing and started the trek to my apartments exercise center.


That is the fakest smile I have ever made. You’re welcome.

I had to get up early, because finals week really took a blow to my workout regimen, and as I am writing this, we are on our way to Chicago to pick up Andy’s brother Ryan to bring him home for Christmas.

Ryan was having car trouble, so we offered to come pick him up so he would be home for Christmas. But leaving our house at 8 meant that an early workout was in order, and after majorly slacking during finals week, I really needed to get to the gym.

I was running on the treadmill and hating it, so I ended up switching to one of my go to workouts for days when running makes me hate the world, Ashley’s Roll Out of Bed Treadmill Workout.

I ended up completing just over 4 miles.. Success!



Now it’s off to Chicago! Have a great day!!

Tell me:
1.) Do you have days when you have no patience for the treadmill?
2.) What do you do to make treadmill workouts less boring?

Dog Park Fun and Love-ly Eggs

Last night we headed out to our local dog park, to let Lily blow off a little steam.


Whenever she starts running around the house and grunting.. I know exercise is way overdue, and I was too tired from finals to take her out for a run, so off to the dog park it was.

Lily absolutely loves the dog park. She’s always a little shy at first, but it doesn’t take her long before she’s off running with the big dogs! She always seems to find the only other Vizsla in the park too. It’s like she knows.

We were really excited last night because Lily is finally getting the hang of retrieving. It’s about time!


Andy has a rocket of an arm (all of those years of football must have paid off), and threw the ball a billion times for Lily to retrieve it. She was such a good lily spaz yesterday!


When we got home, the hour in the cold was worth it, because Lily was exhausted.


Whenever Lily gets tired, she sits like a human.

It’s probably one of my favorite things in the world.


When I woke up this morning, I just could not choose between a sweet or savory breakfast, so I decided to have a little bit of both!

Two pieces of whole wheat toast – one with PB2 and banana, and one with havarti cheese and an egg that I cooked in the microwave after reading this post on Lindsay’s blog.


Why have I not cooked my eggs in the microwave before? I honestly feel so, SO stupid! This saved me so much time and dishes and was just as delicious as eggs on the stove.


I even cooked it in a heart-shaped Ramekin because I am nerdy. The eggs were love-ly. You’re welcome for that terrible pun. I am sensing a new go-to breakfast for Running In Heels!

On top of the egg sandwich, I sprinkled a little bit of Penzey’s Sandwich Sprinkle.


My mom has been obsessed with Penzey’s for as long as I can remember, and has given me a TON of spices over the years. They are all so good, and I incorporate them into almost every meal I make. I highly recommend the Sandwich Sprinkle. It gave this sandwich the little bit of kick it needed to make it over the top good. Loved it!

Now it’s off to study a little bit more and then get a good workout in! I’ll be doing my “No More Treadmill Boredom” 5 Mile Interval Workout from yesterday’s post!


Hope you all have a wonderful morning!

Fit For the Holidays Interval Run

Before I get this new workout to you.. Today is a special day in our household! It’s Andy’s last day of school.. ever!

ImageThe big “soon to be college grad” wanted a PB&J english muffin for breakfast.. so a PB&J english muffin is exactly what he got.


I made myself a egg and jelly english muffin, with a perfectly juicy clementine on the side.. yum!


I know what you’re thinking.. eggs and jelly? Together?


Well it’s delicious. Don’t knock it ’til you try it. 🙂

I’m ready for this day to be over and tonight to be here! We have visitors coming, so I have a big day of cleaning ahead of me..


Snooki and I are less than thrilled about cleaning. But it will all be worth it when it’s done because Ryan and Landon are on their way here tonight!


Ryan is Andy’s older brother, and Landon is Andy’s best friend, and whenever those three get together, I’m sure to be doing a little bit of babysitting..


Let’s be honest, these are three big boys.. and I just can’t keep up. After last time, I’ve learned not to try.


Hahah.. just kidding.. sort of.

They’re always sure to bring a good time 🙂


Before I get started cleaning, I’m off to the gym to complete a new treadmill interval workout that I made up this morning.. Let’s hope it’s a good one!

If you’re interested in trying it, here it is!


Enjoy! And happy running!