Quirky Dogs and Passive Aggressive Notes

Well, I’m officially a grandma.

I ordered an extra special version of the good old Cream of Wheat on Amazon a little while ago (embarrassing to admit) but it looked delicious and I just had to try it.


I added a little Love Grown Oats Sweet Cranberry Pecan granola…


and tada!

Image Old lady breakfasts are A-okay with me.

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Gino’s Lasagna and an Ice Storm

Last night Andy, Lily and I headed to my dad’s house for dinner and a movie at home. When my dad told me that he brought a Gino’s lasagna back from Madison to make for dinner, I’m sure my reaction looked a little bit like this:

Al-bundy-ed-oneill-animated-gif-2Andy knew something was up, and as soon as I got off the phone, he asked what we were having.

Am I that predictable?


Eh, yeah. Probably.

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Getting Out of a Running Rut Treadmill Workout & How I Finally Wore Lily Out

This morning started in the most annoying way possible… I had to give a speech. I know that I might be the whiniest person on earth right now, but I HATE giving speeches. I get up there behind the podium, my knees start to buckle, my cheeks get red and I start twirling my hair and talking like an auctioneer.


Most people who know me find this hard to believe, because when I’m around people that I know well, it’s hard to get me to shut up.

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In The Words of Duck Dynasty & The Best Roasted Asparagus Recipe Ever

First of all, thank you all so much for the great suggestions about what to do with Lily to keep her from driving me insane when we were cooped up in our tiny apartment today!

In the wise words of the boys of Duck Dynasty..


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Silver Coach Restaurant Review & Lily Loves Flannel Sheets

Our dinner at the Silver Coach last night was amazing, but I can’t say that I’m too surprised! I loved the restaurant so much this summer that I knew it would be a hit, and it was!

Naturally, my hot date could not take a serious picture to save his life.


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The BEST Hot Cocoa Recipe & Lily Dancing to Rihanna

Over the weekend, our entire house was in recovery mode.

Lily got home from the vet Friday afternoon, and her surgery went just fine! The spay went smoothly with no complications, and she didn’t even end up coming home with a conehead, like Andy and I were expecting.

The vet told us that our biggest struggle would likely be keeping Lily “quiet”, ie: no play, no running, no sprinting around the house and diving under the couch cushions like a lunatic. That man didn’t know how right he was.

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The “Lazy Runner” Treadmill Workout

This morning called for a quick breakfast and an early wake-up call before taking Lily to the vet for her surgery.

As soon as I woke up, I darted to the kitchen and made a quick Fitmixer shake and sliced up a few strawberries to enjoy on the side.


Before I knew it, we were out the door and on the way to the veterinarians office.

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