Quirky Dogs and Passive Aggressive Notes

Well, I’m officially a grandma.

I ordered an extra special version of the good old Cream of Wheat on Amazon a little while ago (embarrassing to admit) but it looked delicious and I just had to try it.


I added a little Love Grown Oats Sweet Cranberry Pecan granola…


and tada!

Image Old lady breakfasts are A-okay with me.

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Thursday’s Circuit Workout & Todays Eats

I realized that I haven’t been posting about what I’ve been obsessed with eating lately, so I thought I’d fill you guys in on todays eats!

Breakfast this morning started off with a couple of slices of toast, topped with PB & a sliced up banana.


It’s a morning favorite around here.


I’ve also been drinking my Fitmixer Aminos like it’s my day job lately.

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Exciting News & Keebler Elves Make a Comeback

Our week started off with some very exciting news.. only five days after filling out his first “big boy job” application, Andy nailed his first interview and got hired on the spot! I am so proud of my boyfriend today!!

Today was his official first day of work, so he headed out right after I got home from class and the gym this morning, and I snapped a few pictures of my grown up boyfriend!


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An Uncomfortable Workout & Big Weekend Plans

My morning workout started out the the most uncomfortable way possible, when I brought one old Newton shoe and one new Newton shoe to the gym for my run this morning.


This only further proves my point that that my brain can not accurately function at 6:30 in the morning unless I’m getting up to go shopping or on a biking wine tour or something.

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Favorite “Pinterest-found” Treadmill Workouts

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes all I need to get out of a “running rut” is a new workout to get the legs movin’ and the sweat flowin’.

Sticking to yesterday’s Pinterest theme, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Pinterest-found treadmill workouts that are sure to do the trick! Here they are!

Sweaty Mess WALKING Incline Intervals Workout

via Sweet Tooth Sweet Life


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The “Lazy Runner” Treadmill Workout

This morning called for a quick breakfast and an early wake-up call before taking Lily to the vet for her surgery.

As soon as I woke up, I darted to the kitchen and made a quick Fitmixer shake and sliced up a few strawberries to enjoy on the side.


Before I knew it, we were out the door and on the way to the veterinarians office.

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New Years Resolution Kick-off Treadmill Workout

Before I head off to the gym this morning, I thought I’d share the workout that I made up last night and will be completing at the gym today!

I bring you my New Years Resolution Kick-off Treadmill Workout!


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Up Early and Chicago Bound

This morning began with a 5:00 wake-up call..


I was not havin’ it. But I hopped out of bed anyway, put on 26392 layers of clothing and started the trek to my apartments exercise center.


That is the fakest smile I have ever made. You’re welcome.

I had to get up early, because finals week really took a blow to my workout regimen, and as I am writing this, we are on our way to Chicago to pick up Andy’s brother Ryan to bring him home for Christmas.

Ryan was having car trouble, so we offered to come pick him up so he would be home for Christmas. But leaving our house at 8 meant that an early workout was in order, and after majorly slacking during finals week, I really needed to get to the gym.

I was running on the treadmill and hating it, so I ended up switching to one of my go to workouts for days when running makes me hate the world, Ashley’s Roll Out of Bed Treadmill Workout.

I ended up completing just over 4 miles.. Success!



Now it’s off to Chicago! Have a great day!!

Tell me:
1.) Do you have days when you have no patience for the treadmill?
2.) What do you do to make treadmill workouts less boring?

Christmas Calorie Torcher Full Body Treadmill Workout

Well guys, my mani + pedi is complete!


I went with a french shellac manicure on my fingers and Christmas-ey red on my toes.


Have you guys ever tried a shellac manicure? I absolutely LOVE them. My least favorite thing ever is getting a manicure and having it chip by the end of that day! Shellac solves all of those problems. Love it.

When we got home, Andy was hungry, so I whipped up one of our favorite dinners, baked spaghetti and whole-grain garlic bread!


If you guys are interested, I can post this recipe later tonight or tomorrow! It’s a lightened up version of baked spaghetti, and is a favorite in our household!

I also had a salad on the side, raspberries and all.


It’s safe to say that I’m a little obsessed with this salad right now. It is just too good.

After dinner, I created a new treadmill workout to complete tomorrow morning.. and here it is!


I love any workout that has me hopping on and off the treadmill, because it makes the workout go so much faster!!

Let me know what you guys think of this one 🙂

Have a great night!!