Welcome to Running In Heels!

I’m Brooke.


I’m a 22 year old college student and aspiring personal trainer, living in the great dairy state of Wisconsin with my boyfriend, Andy and our puppy, Lily.


Andy is 24 years old, and will be graduating December 15th! Yay! Lily is our 20 week old Vizlsa puppy, who helps me do what I love to do most.. run until I have holes in my shoes.


I recently completed my first full-marathon with my cousin and good friend, Lauren!


Lauren and I have run one full marathon, two half-marathons, and a whooole lotta races together over the past two years.


I love to live a healthy lifestyle, and spend a lot of time creating my own workouts and recipes! This being said, I am not a personal trainer, yet, so take my advice and ideas with a grain of salt 😉

When I say healthy lifestyle, I mean most of the time. When I’m not running and creating healthy recipes/workouts, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful friends, downing fishbowls, dancing my pants off, and just having a good time!


I love anything that sparkles, warm places where I can frolic in the sand, spending way too much time reading healthy living blogs, and shopping until I run my bank account dry.


And as a fair warning for those of you who hate country music, I have to warn you: I have been obsessed with country music since I was a four year old child, singing along to Shania Twain in the back of my daddy’s truck. Country music, and country music festivals are what I call home.


Expect to find a lot of cowboy boots and country festival pictures roaming the pages of this blog in the summertime. I can’t help it.


Being from Wisconsin, I also reserve the right to spend copious amounts of time lying on a floatie in the lake. All that running can wear a girl down sometimes 😉


I am also fortunate to spend most of my winter Sunday’s at Lambeau Field, so Packer Sunday’s are a weekly thing around here.


I am a die-hard Packer football fan. I would take Aaron Rodgers, Donald Driver, Clay Matthews, or Jordy Nelson over Channing Tatum Any. Day. Of. The. Week.


That being said, I’m starting to ramble so I’ll leave you with this:

If you want to read about running, wine, glitter, fashion, food and football.. stick around.


You’re in the right place, and we’re gonna have some fun 🙂

About Running In Heels

I created Running In Heels as a way for my to share my life experiences in running, cooking, fashion, etc with my friends/family, and fellow bloggers.

I love running until I have holes in my shoes, creating new recipes (some healthy, some not), trying to keep up with current fashion trends, and my day-to-day life living with my boyfriend, Andy, and my crazy puppy, Lily. Running In Heels is the perfect place for me to keep track of everything!

23 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh my goodness! I ran into your blog on Hungry Runner Girl and am shocked to see a blogger around WI! I have fallen off actually blogging with trying to adjust to life post-college but still keep reading. You must love today since it’s Aaron Rodgers day…I always tell me boyfriend that Aaron is my future husband. Same with JJ Watt–he was my neighbor sophomore year @ UW! And those fishbowls are from Wandos… right? What a small world 🙂

  2. I have been reading healthy living blogs forever but have never actually got around to writing mine.. until now! In all of the time I’ve been reading them I have never seen another blogger around WI either!! How exciting! You are right, I am loving Aaron Rodgers Day, haha that’s so funny that you call him your future husband! He’s all yours.. unless I get to him first 😉 Isn’t it so exciting seeing JJ Watt carrying that Houston team?! He’s becoming a HUGE name in football and I love it! And yes, those are Wandos birthday fishbowls! It is a small world after all! I’m going to go follow your blog right now just in case you get back to it 🙂

    • I will be getting back to it soon-it’s tough to adjust to life post-college. The whole working 7:30-4:30 thing really is not too fun! If you’re still in school good luck with finals … that’s one thing I don’t miss about college. 🙂

      • I sure am! Thank you! I definitely won’t miss the finals either.. fortunately I only have one actual “exam” this semester.. thank goodness! I can imagine that it’s hard to go from school to working alllll day! Not looking forward to that part one bit!

  3. I was reading Hungry Runner Girl’s blog as well and stumbled upon yours! I grew up in Chicago (so we can’t talk football to each other), but I currently live in Florida. I LOVE your comments about being a normal 22-year old trying to live a healthy life ( most of the time) but that you also love dancing and drinking, because that is 100% me! I just added you to my subscribed list so I can keep up!

  4. i found your blog from HungryRunnerGirl! i’m definitely a big fan of running, wine, food and football! i’m going to be running my 2nd half marathon with my roommates in april and i’m actually taking a wine class right now at school! i haven’t been able to find many college-aged bloggers like myself so i’m glad i stumbled across yours! i just started writing mine so its in the works! looking forward to following your adventures!

  5. A country festival is on my bucket list of a to do! I have been to a festival every year for the last 3 or 4 years but not a country, it HAS to be done. MWAH.

  6. Oh gosh, why haven’t I read your blog before? Heels and country music are basically my favorite so I dont know why we aren’t already best friends!!

  7. So cool to find your blog!! I just moved to Madison and recently started my own blog…www.carpethesangria.com. Still trying to find my groove, but it’s just been a great way to keep myself on track with all over healthy living. I’m looking to pick my second Half Marathon location soon….any suggestions?

    • Awesome!! It’s definitely rare to find other Wisconsin healthy living bloggers so this is exciting for me!! Haha! I might do the Madison Marathon this year (they have a half too), otherwise I am a HUGE fan of the Oshkosh Half Marathon in April! I did it last year and absolutely fell in love with the course!

  8. Hey there Brooke,

    I love your little corner of the blog world you’ve got here!!

    I love finding other bloggers who are as passionate as me about running, fitness and healthy living- as well as cooking up a storm in the kitchen 😉

    congrats on completing all those races, especially the half and full marathons! that is truly inspiring and shows how determined you are,
    my next goal is a half marathon once I get over this injury of mine 🙂

    Kloe x

  9. Found your blog through twitter (thanks for following!) – don’t know why I haven’t stalked before, I love it! Looking forward to reading!

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