4/21/2013: Oshkosh Half Marathon (2nd year in a row!!)

10/20/2013: Great Lakes Zooma Run


10/13/12 Haunted Hustle Marathon <<My very first marathon!! I finished in 5:15 despite the freezing rain and a tibial stress fracture, so I’m okay with my super-slow finishing time 🙂


^Me (left) and my cousin Lauren (right), mid-marathon (Yes, I know we look ridiculous but it was pouring freezing rain during a Halloween themed marathon that started at 7 in the morning and I obviously wasn’t about to get up any earlier to put on makeup/plan out a cute outfit. No regrets.)

7/16/12 Race For Your Heart Half-Marathon A typical summer day in Wisconsin.. 90 degree temps and 100% humidity.. I felt like I was going to keel over and die but I finished in 2:14.

6/01/12 Susan G. Kolmen Race For The Cure 5K 27:01


missing a 5k here.. will add when i remember the date

4/21/12 Oshkosh Half-Marathon <My first half-marathon! 2:04:12


11/24/11 Berbee Derby 2011 10K 57:12 on Thanksgiving morning

11/5/11 Turkey Trot 5K 29:10


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